The Handle Bar Oxford – Meal for 2 for £21

First time I came across The Handle Bar cafe was when my friend Krista took me there for a brunch. I must admit, until that moment, I wasn’t even aware of its existence, but what a great find it was! I immediately loved the atmosphere, and my brunch was absolutely outstanding. I’ve been there a couple more times, but always for lunch or a cuppa; to be perfectly honest I didn’t even realise that they do dinner service!

A couple of weeks ago I was looking for a place to take my husband on a date. Christmas is coming and we are having a lot of changes in our lives right now, so I was on a scrounge for a deal (I’m sure you know how much I love finding good deals locally). And then I went on Groupon and BOOM! Two Course Dinner for Two, with a glass of wine each, only for £21!!!

I booked via Groupon, on the same day, and Ben and I turned up to the Cafe… But they had a private function. We came back next week, and as a way of apologising we were also offered a free glass of prosecco each!

For starter, I had Seabass Ceviche – first time I’ve tried this dish – and how glad I am that I have! It was absolutely delicious.

Ben went for Soup of the day, which was celeriac and apple. Yumm.

Duck Confit for the main – which was amazing, but so huge that I couldn’t finish it 😀

Ben went for Onglet steak – which is the main I’m getting next time we’re there! 😀

Of course, all the food was marvellous, and the service was top notch – otherwise I wouldn’t be sharing this with you guys – but there is another reason I want to shout about this place.

First of all, it’s an indie. I love supporting independent ventures, but most importantly kitchens – you know that there will be an artist of a chef, cooking his creations with passion, rather than following the recipe as they do in chain restaurants.

Secondly, they care about the environment. All the food is sustainable sourced and organic, and veggie and vegan options often look better than non-veggie dishes. All the indulgence that comes guilt-free!

I’ve recommended this place before for lunch, but now I must recommend it for dinner. If you haven’t been, you’ve got to pop in.

Here’s their website if you want to find out more.

[The Groupon deal is gone, but I’d suspect that’s due to Xmas bookings. Keep an eye out, you might be lucky to get the same deal in early ’20!]

Lots of love,



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