Self-care challenge this lockdown

Here we go, lockdown 2.0!

This time it should be easier: we’ve all been through it already, and it should be shorter. Fingers crossed.

Like many of you, when the first lockdown was announced, I was full of inspiration for all the fun things that I will do. But I wasn’t furloughed – in fact, my job got even busier, and – honestly – I kept forgetting about all the things that inspired me on Tiktok/Pinterest/Instagram..

So I decided that this lockdown things will be different. I created myself a challenge board.

I might have had a couple of glasses of wine, hence the child-like crafting skills, please don’t judge?! The key point here was to visualise my goals and have them stare at me every day. This board isn’t going anywhere!

The other key point that none of them are compulsory or super important – no stress! no pressure! – and it’s cool if I don’t get to tick off any of them. But if I do, that’s only going to benefit me… Because it’s an ultimate self-care lockdown challenge. I’ve split my tasks by colour:

  • Christmas related: planning presents, cards and decorating our home (no, it’s not too early, Halloween is over!)
  • Self-development: read a book, learn 3 piano songs, try yoga and get those 10 pull-ups! (I’m hoping this list will grow!)
  • Self-care: Have a bath & a facemask (target: two a week)
  • DIY: painting some walls (still waiting for my husband’s contribution there hehe)
  • Crafts: Make a scarf, paint by number, modelling clay, cross-stitch, macrame (and literally anything else I might randomly fancy)

This list will probably change, and I’m thoroughly intending on ticking some things off – all in the four weeks, and hopefully, I won’t even notice the lockdown gone! I certainly don’t have an excuse of being bored 🙂

We all have stressful and challenging daily tasks, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

But also use this time to do all the silly things you normally wouldn’t have time to do, treat yourself, develop yourself…. We only have 4 weeks until the pubs re-open again! (hopefully)

Do you have any tips to share that will make this lockdown a little less gloomy?

Lots of love,



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