Arbequina on Cowley Road

Don’t you just love finding the new gems in your city? Abequina is one of them!

My friend Sarah discovered this cute little restaurant and the other day we decided to go and check it out for lunch.

The story is, that when the sign of the previous establishment was taken down, the owners found the old sign below – R.A. Neville – Dispensing Chemist- and liked it so much that decided to leave it as it is… But the restaurant isn’t hard to find – it’s on 74 Cowley road.

arbequina-cowley-road-oxford-restaurant-review-polina-1The menu is quite small, but has a lot of unusual dishes with interesting names. But nothing to worry about – the waiters and all staff were so enthusiastic about the menu and the dishes, they’ve explained pretty much each one of them and suggested the best combinations.arbequina-cowley-road-oxford-restaurant-review-polina-2

We decided to go for five dishes between the two of us, which was the perfect amount for lunch! Here’s what we had:

Quails eggs, cumin and saltarbequina-cowley-road-oxford-restaurant-review-polina-3

Salt cod croquetas, aioliarbequina-cowley-road-oxford-restaurant-review-polina-4

Fried aubergine, molasses, pomegranatearbequina-cowley-road-oxford-restaurant-review-polina-5

Fried red prawns, aioliarbequina-cowley-road-oxford-restaurant-review-polina-6

Ox cheek, cauliflower pureearbequina-cowley-road-oxford-restaurant-review-polina-7

Would I recommend this place? Absolutely!

Would I go there again? Without question! In fact, would love to check it out for dinner next.


Great atmosphere, delicious food, friendly prices at the best location – Cowley road… In my eyes it’s a gem.arbequina-cowley-road-oxford-restaurant-review-polina-10


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