Trump has won.

As millions of others around the world, I felt bitter this morning when I read the news  – Donald Trump is the new USA president.

It was a similar feeling to the 24th of June when Brexit results were announced – when you’re convinced that people know better (at least in your opinion) and then get a huge disappointment when faced with the reality.


Most of my Facebook feed is covered with annoyed statuses, memes or simple WTF’s  – which means that mine and my (Facebook) friends’ opinions are alike – that he is a sexist, racist, misogynistic human being who is waaaay under-qualified to take on one of the most difficult jobs in the world.

Image result for donald trump is a reminder that you should apply

Surprisingly, a lot of my Russian friends are very happy; although I’m not judging or questioning their opinion, I’m questioning Russian media influence.

Regardless of the side you were on, this is democracy, and as with Brexit, all voters will have to face the consequences of the result.


My friend posted an absolute brilliant status on Facebook – here is a fragment:

I can’t support their vote and Trump can suck a dick as far as I’m concerned but in order for civilisation to move forward we need to reconcile with this demographic of our population. So tomorrow instead of lambasting these Trump voters for being brainwashed and bigoted, let’s all light up the peace pipe and puff puff pass.

Let’s not engage in stupid arguments, especially over social media. Discuss, debate, but don’t get aggressive – surely we’ve learnt something after the Brexit results?

Instead, let’s get together and face probably the most challenging year ahead.

And if we are lucky, Trump will be impeached and the UK Parliament votes to stay in the EU. But I’m not keeping my hopes up.

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