Boozy jelly shots

I have a number of weird little hobbies, and one of them is jelly-shot making. Majority of the parties I’ve thrown would feature some, and for the last couple of New Year Eves, without fail, I’d produce 100+ alcoholic jelly shots.

Of course I had to make some for this year – and I decided to step up my game and instead of making plain cranberry vodka or raspberry rum shots, my jelly shot muse inspired me to try some new flavour and colour combinations.jelly-shots-inspiration-polina-rocks

This year we have three flavours with different level of alcohol content:

  • Coconut and pineapple rum jelly shot (Level 1)
  • Tropical peach schnapps and vodka jelly shot (Level 2)
  • Layered Raspberry vodka jelly shots (Level 3)

Shots don’t take that long to make and set in about 4-6 hours – you’ve still got time! All you need is some booze, flavoured jelly cubes (follow instructions on the pack) and shot glasses.

Have a fabulous NYE!

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