My Christmas

Christmas has been great. I have spent my Christmas as I have for the past couple of years – with Ben’s family.

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we went to visit Ben’s dad’s side of the family. Ben’s grandma is German, and following the German tradition every year the family gets together to have a meal on Christmas Eve.

After visiting the church for the Christingle Service, we went back to enjoy a delicious selection of cold meats, cheese and salads.

Polina Skrebneva German ChristmasThere were carols, crackers, presents and a lot of wine. It was great to see the whole family together – this doesn’t happen that often!

Christmas Day

Christmas Day started with Bucks Fizz and opening presents.

Now I’ve got everything I need to start a great year. And a lot of pink gym clothes 🙂Polina Skrebneva blog perfect Christmas hamperThe presents, of course, were followed by the traditional Christmas morning breakfast, or the Breakfast of Champions, if you would – bagels with smoked salmon and scrambled egg with Bucks Fizz. Yum.

Smoken Salmon Scrumbled Egg Bages Christmas Morning BreakfastThen it was the waiting time. Waiting for the best Turkey of the year is a lot more difficult when it smells so good!Christmas table layout blog Polina SkrebnevaAs I said, very difficult – just look at this beast! 🙂Christmas Turkey covered with bacon Polina Skrebneva blogWaiting for the meal was a perfect excuse to introduce me to Star Wars (yes, I’ve never seen a Star Wars movie before!), so I watched Episode 4 and got the jist of the situation between the light and the dark side (or have I? 🙂 )Watching Star wars bucks fizz mimosa Polina Skrebneva blogP.S. This is not a rug, this is a dog! 🙂Christmas dinner Polina Skrebneva blogAfter the anticipating wait, the Christmas Dinner was ready.

Delicious starter followed by the best roast I will have in a long time!Roast Christmas Dinner Polina Skrebneva blog

Boxing Day

StarWars Polina Skrebneva blogBoxing Day was the Star Wars day. We went to the cinema to watch ‘The Force Awakens’ quite early in the morning, which basically meant that I had popcorn for breakfast (shh, it’s Christmas!)

I’m not going to get into what I though of Star Wars; let’s just say it was a great experience. It was!

The day after the Boxing Day

We went to visit Ben’s mum’s side of the family up in Suffolk.Polina Skrebneva blog Christmas living roomIt felt like I’ve had three Christmases this year – three meals and three sets of presents!Christmas Lunch Polina Skrebneva blogThe food was gorgeous, as always! Amazing seafood platter (I LOVE lobster!) and an amazing selection of cold meats.

Christmas Dinner Polina Skrebneva blog

Overall, I’ve had a great Christmas. I got to spend it with the people I care about. Also, I got loads of presents and there was always wine, so overall a total success! 🙂



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