20 signs you are from Estonia

1. Blue, black and white are your favourite colours


2. You always correct everyone who says that Estonian population is 1 million. It’s actually 1.3 million.

 eye roll animated GIF

3. You are proud that Skype was invented in Estonia

4. You consider Kalev chocolate and Vana Tallinn liquor the best souvenirs ever

5. Going to saunas or spas is part of your regular routine

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6. When someone asks you about Estonia’s location, you respond ‘Below Finland’.

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7. You roll your eyes if someone asks ‘Is Estonia part of Russia’? For God sake, we are in the EU!

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8. You love your Baltic neighbours, but get offended if someone thinks you are Latvian or Lithuanian.

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9. You eat sour cream with 99% of your meals

10. 99% of your meals contain potatoes

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11. Your favourite spices are kartulimaitseaine (potato spice) and sidrunipipar (lemon pepper)

12. You don’t find it difficult to pronounce ‘Veoautojuht’ or ‘Jõuluööeelootusaeg’


13.  You are used to not being able to buy booze after 10pm

sad animated GIF

14.  You don’t worry about the snow until it reaches higher than 3 metres

snow animated GIF

15. You believe that +17C water is definitely warm enough tempreture to swim in

SpongeBob SquarePants animated GIF

16. You’ve been to Shooters too many times to remember


17. Driving 100 km/h feels like the speed of light

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18. If you don’t have plans to have a BBQ on the 23rd of June, you get depressed.

depressed animated GIF

19. You might be over-18, but you still get shivers when a policeman passes by.

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20. You remember the time when this was a fortune:

26 thoughts on “20 signs you are from Estonia

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  1. estonian population IS 1 million, other 0,3 are russian phentanyl junkie immigrants… if someone asks, then i always correct it to one million


  2. estonian population IS 1 million, other 0,3 are russian phentanyl junkie immigrants… if someone asks, then i always correct it to one million


  3. The best: We don’t worry until the snow is 3 meters deep/high.We have been spoilt with late winters ,now we moan when it is 30 cm on the streets.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. 21. Välismaal pikemalt viibides hakkad koostama sarnaseid liste, milles mainitu on ka kõik, millest välismaalasega Eestist üldse rääkida saab.


  5. kartulimaitseaine??? EI EI EI! Mis eestilik see on? Eestilik on see tobe kanamaitseaine, ilma milleta ükski eesti pood alates 1990-ndate teisest poolest ei oska kana grillida.


  6. I think Polina is such a pretty name. I knew Estonia was a country, and now I know lots more! Thank you!
    I love #1, the flag, and the forest in winter! What holiday is “June 23rd”? Is that your independence day?
    Thank you for following my blog.


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