When a viral post brings 100s of haters

Over a year ago I wrote a post ‘20 signs you are from Estonia‘ back on my old blog which went viral. The blog was translated to Estonian and posted on delfi.ee, where hundreds of people decided to comment on the context.

When I moved my blog, I moved the content over. Somehow it went viral a couple of days ago yet again – out of my control. It was translated to both Estonian and Russian and posted on postimees.ee

The post was for fun, having a laugh at the biggest stereotypes and originally was addressed at people who come from Estonia but no longer live there.

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20 signs you are from Estonia

1. Blue, black and white are your favourite colours


2. You always correct everyone who says that Estonian population is 1 million. Itโ€™s actually 1.3 million.

ย eye roll animated GIF

3. You are proud that Skype was invented in Estonia

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