When I re-visited the Ashmolean

You can live in the most beautiful city in the world, but with the busy daily routine, you might find it quite hard to enjoy all the cultural treasures right on your doorstep.

However, as soon as you have friends or family coming over, you know it’s the time to do some museum outings.
Ashmolean museum Oxford Polina Skrebneva

My cousin came to Oxford for a visit, which was a great excuse to go and re-visit the Ashmolean Museum.

Noodle nation Polina Skrebneva

We filled ourselves up with chicken and noodles in Noodle Nation and then went off to the museum to burn off those carbs 🙂

Ashmolean Museum Polina Skrebneva Oxford

The Ashmolean is the world’s first university museum – ancient and modern art and antiquities covering world civilisations, plus fine and applied arts.

Ashmolean museum Oxford Polina Skrebneva 2

I love Ancient history of Rome, naturally, I had to imitate Augustus 🙂

Polina Skrebneva Ashmolean Oxford

As well as other artists (because I’m such a child! 🙂 )

Polina Skrebneva Oxford Ashmolean Museum

A wall of busts by Sir William Chantrey. Victorian female hairstyles were hilarious!

Polina Skrebneva blog Ashmolean Museum

It was amazing spotting all the places that we have actually been to – hello Rome!

Overall, yet another great day spent in the Ashmolean.

How often do you go to the museums that are right on your doorstep?

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