Why I hate being ill

With the temperature going below zero, it is officially flu time – I have recently joined the army of people who sneeze and blow their noses all day long. Yikes!

When I was younger, getting ill felt like a holiday – you don’t have to go to school, get to watch cartoons all day, eat in bed, and when you come back to school you can easily slack off some homework for a day or two: ‘Sorry I was ill’.

Now that I am an adult I absolutely hate being ill. Why? For obvious reasons:

It’s gross.

tv movies comedy seinfeld bed

Everything around you is covered with tissues, you start looking like Rudolf The Rednosed Reindeer, and you feel like at this point you must be blowing your brains out.

You lose appetite.

As your taste sense is screwed up due to a blocked nose, everything tastes the same. You need food to get the energy to cook yourself some food. Chicken and Egg. Catch 22.

No exercise.

disney adorable walt disney dumbo baby elephant

Forget about your routines, plans and goals – Flu The Devil does not care. Still want to go to gym? Go ahead, if you fancy your flu staying for a bit longer. And don’t forget to spread your germs everywhere!


RealityTVGIFs wink phone mean girls sick

Translation – Fear Of Missing Out. I’ve missed a pianist performance that I was looking forward to because of the bloody flu. You always miss something important…


sick ill flu cartoon adventure time

Instead of being surrounded by people all day like you usually do at work/uni/school, you are at home. All by yourself. With no one to talk to all day. Hoping that someone would call.

Letting others down.


Cancelling on plans is not just annoying for you, but also for people who you were supposed to be spending time with. Same goes for work – I always feel guilty leaving my team to deal with everything.

So, to conclude – I hate being ill and  I hate having the flu.

Going forward? Less partying, more vitamin C and multiple bottles of hand sanitiser.

Stay healthy!


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