How a box of meat made me happy

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My week started great – on Monday morning I received a box of meat, great quality lean beef, chicken and turkey from Muscle Food. 10 kg of meat!

The box contained five kilos of chicken breast fillets, rump and sirloin steaks, hache steaks, diced beef, steak mince, burgers, meatballs, chicken sausages and turkey hache steaks.

The quality of meat is so much better than in any supermarkets. Super lean, low fat. And it’s much cheaper, nearly half the price.

Everything is vacuum packed which makes it easy to freeze (my freezer is now filled with meat which will last us a fair while!) and it’s hand-cut on the day of despatch, so even if you don’t freeze everything you have at least a week to eat the meat up. 🙂

My box stayed with me in a warm office for the day, but when I opened it in the evening at home, it was still cold. The meat gets delivered with the ice-packs around them, allowing super chilled, but not frozen delivery. How handy!
Muscle food delivery Polina Skrebneva blog

I happened to find a deal that was basically half price – Click here – nearly 10 kg of meat for £55.

If you want to get 4 x free chicken breasts with your first order, – Click here – minimum order is £25 🙂


Would I order more meat from Muscle food? Absolutely. Ordering it in bulk from a good supplier is economical and very helpful for a healthy diet.

Go on then, check out  Muscle Food – premium nutrition for healthy living.

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