20 signs you are from Estonia

1. Blue, black and white are your favourite colours


2. You always correct everyone who says that Estonian population is 1 million. It’s actually 1.3 million.

 eye roll animated GIF

3. You are proud that Skype was invented in Estonia

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Beautiful Oxford

No matter which part of Oxford you live in, there always will be a park nearby.
I live five minutes walk from Hinksey Park, which has a lake, a boating lake, tennis courts and even an outdoor pool.
The other day I was running in the evening and just got a little overwhelmed by the beauty of nature around and how lucky I am to live in a busy city, which has some very beautiful and peaceful places.
Obviously, I decided to take some panoramic shots on my phone.

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Chicken soup with croutons (and a twist!)

It’s winter time, and many of us catch the flu. What can be better for lunch when you are feeling poorly than a chicken soup? Chicken soup with a twist!
I’d like to share a very simple, tasty and healthy recipe for a chicken soup with a twist which I absolutely love:
Cheese spread infused chicken soup with croutons.

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How to transition into your new office job: 8 things you need to know

Starting your first office job might be scary… But don’t worry, everyone makes it out alive!
Here are a couple of tips for you:

1. Prepare yourself for a new routine

Ensure that your  home is organised for a quick ‘getting ready for work’ in the morning; work out the best ways to get to work in advance.
Tomas Ferraro, Sports Editor soccer getting ready tevez multitasking GIF

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Discovery Cove

Today Ben and I went to Discovery Cove – OMG, probably the most amazing place I have ever been!

We got to snorkel around the tropical reefs with loads of beautiful fish; I even touched the stingray!
We filmed everything on the action camera – the video is coming after we finish our vacation 🙂

The best moment of my day though was swimming with a dolphin. This was the first time even I touched and (!!!) kissed a dolphin! Continue reading “Discovery Cove”