10 steps to lose your boyfriend

Here are 10 steps to lose your boyfriend / get rid of an admirer:
1. Show how jealous you are every time he looks at any other female (regardless of age or appearance) So Mad I Could
Make sure you roll your eyes and sigh as loud as possible.

2. Don’t give him any personal space Gossip Shh Stop Talking Girls Girlfriend

Focus on peak times when he is exhausted after work and bother him as much as you can with girly stuff, current updates about Kardashians or new jewellery collection from TopShop.

3. Stop making an effort to look attractive for himthe big bang theory animated GIF the big bang theory animated GIF
Who needs to take make-up off before bed? Let him see how much you can look like a panda in the morning!
Don’t bother brushing your hair and if you ever have to pop a pimple, ensure you do it in front of him.

4. Make him feel that you don’t have a life outside the relationshipJan
Making him feel guilty every time he does something without you by hysterically crying and giving ultimatums should do the trick.

5. Be passive-agressive 24/7
If he is wondering why you are in a bad mood, don’t tell him anything, but continue to behave very upset and disappointed.

6. Point out his shortcomings; never ever compliment him. disgusted
Ensure that you point out things that he can’t change about himself, i.e. his facial features, his family, his genitals.

7. Never say thank you hmc
Ensure that under no circumstances you appear grateful, no matter how generous he has been to you or people close to you.

8. Complain. At every possible opportunity.
Try to complain about things he loves and enjoys; don’t forget to criticize his friends. Accuse him of anything that you can think of – remember, it’s always his fault.

9. Try to change himHeidi Klum Horrified
Tell him how rubbish his fashion sense is, make him watch films and listen to music that he absolutely hates.

10. Never, under any circumstances, make him feel loved.ioA8mSM

…Or you can just do the opposite of the points above and be an amazing girlfriend – the choice is yours! 🙂

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