12 steps to have a successful House Party

We have just had our House Warming Party and it was a success – everyone had fun, there was no drama, everyone behaved and nothing (apart from two wine glasses 😦 ) was broken.thumb_DSC_0243_1024

So if you are planning on hosting a party, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare your house.

Is it carpet central? Do you want to be hoovering it on a hangover and worry all night that beer and red wine being spilt spilled all over? No? Thought so.collages

We used self-adhesive carpet protector, and it was amazing. You can buy some here.

2. Make cool drinks

We prepared an Apple Mojito Punch and Raspberry Vodka Punch.

The jars were from Hedwig as a house-warming present ❤

I have also made 120 vodka jelly shots. Layered. 🙂thumb_DSC_0041_1024

3. Establish the rules

Ensure that you have enough bins and kitchen roll. You don’t want to get your house trashed, right?IMG_1368

  5. Have a theme

We chose to hold a Beer Pong Tournament. Everybody loves Beer Pong.IMG_1365 thumb_DSC_0147_1024IMG_2721thumb_DSC_0167_1024thumb_DSC_0077_1024thumb_DSC_0119_1024thumb_DSC_0122_1024

6. Encourage your guests to stick to the theme.

Holding a fancy dress party? Prepare a prize for the best costume. We have decided to choose the ultimate Pong King and Pong Queen.

Make it easy to keep tabs on the scores


Congratulations to Luke, His Majesty the King of Beer Pong and Bryony, Her Majesty the Queen of Beer Pong.thumb_DSC_0261_1024

7. Show your gratification 

Being a great host requires ensuring that all guests are having a good time. When you are expecting presents, show some appreciation for the best present. thumb_DSC_0106_1024IMG_1372

8. Use photo props.


9. Take group photos

IMG_2731…But make sure that everyone is looking to the same camera 🙂thumb_DSC_0115_1024


10. Prepare some mid-night snacks

When all of the snacky food is gone, roll out a tray of sandwiches after 12pm. Trust me, they will be gone within minutes.IMG_1392

11. Have coffee on the go.

Everyone can only handle that many games of Beer Pong before getting sleepy.

Luckily, we have a cool coffee machine, and it was in high demand!


12. Relax and enjoy yourself.

It’s your party.          IMG_2744thumb_DSC_0025_1024

Keep scrolling for more photos from our party. 

Many thanks to my amazing housemate Steve for taking the photos!thumb_DSC_0085_1024 thumb_DSC_0097_1024 thumb_DSC_0103_1024 thumb_DSC_0104_1024   thumb_DSC_0135_1024thumb_DSC_0154_1024 thumb_DSC_0162_1024 thumb_DSC_0166_1024thumb_DSC_0212_1024 thumb_DSC_0245_1024thumb_DSC_0073_1024thumb_DSC_0125_1024thumb_DSC_0201_1024thumb_DSC_0090_1024thumb_DSC_0092_1024thumb_DSC_0079_1024thumb_DSC_0126_1024IMG_1383thumb_DSC_0111_1024IMG_1393thumb_DSC_0124_1024thumb_DSC_0240_1024IMG_2725thumb_DSC_0172_1024IMG_2719

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  1. I am loving that carpet covering stuff!! I need some of that in my life. Also, nice party!!! Looked like loads of fun 🙂


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