The Handle Bar Oxford – Meal for 2 for £21

First time I came across The Handle Bar cafe was when my friend Krista took me there for a brunch. I must admit, until that moment, I wasn't even aware of its existence, but what a great find it was! I immediately loved the atmosphere, and my brunch was absolutely outstanding. I've been there a... Continue Reading →

New brunch menu you HAVE to try

If you go out for drinks in Oxford, you have probably had a tipple at The Oxford Wine Cafe, or at least know someone who had. But did you know that the cafe can not only give you hangovers (I mean, the wine is so good you just can't help yourself!), but also cure them?!... Continue Reading →

Arbequina on Cowley Road

Don't you just love finding the new gems in your city? Abequina is one of them! My friend Sarah discovered this cute little restaurant and the other day we decided to go and check it out for lunch. The story is, that when the sign of the previous establishment was taken down, the owners found the... Continue Reading →

Oxford Fish Market

Can you believe that you can get this dish for £6.50? In Oxford?! Yes, you can! Welcome to Oxford fish market! It's located in Osney Meads industrial estate and has the best and the freshest fish in the city.The variety of fresh fish is astonishing. Fancy a crab or a lobster for dinner? No problem!The shop... Continue Reading →

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