Where to have Christmas dinner in Oxford

For a plan freak like me, it’s never too early to start planning anything. Seeing that we are coming toward the end of October, it’s absolutely the right time to start planning for Christmas.

My friends and I now have a tradition – every year I throw a Xmas meal. For the first couple of years I would host it at home, but once it got too difficult to cook for 20+, we’ve opted out for a restaurant followed by the pub crawl (and Christmas Carol singing, obviously wearing Xmas jumpers!), so it’s time to look for an ideal place to go for a good and affordable Christmas dinner to suit everyone within your friendship group. So the question arises:

Where to have Christmas dinner in Oxford?

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10 reasons to visit The Coconut Tree Oxford

My friend Alice and I checked out this new place at St Clements – The Coconut Tree – and I can say for sure, you should check it out too!
Here are a couple of reasons why you just have to go there for cocktails and dinner.

1. The Coconut Tree is the only Shri Lankan restaurant in Oxford

Goat Curry coconut tree Oxford

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