12 steps to have a successful House Party

We have just had our House Warming Party and it was a success – everyone had fun, there was no drama, everyone behaved and nothing (apart from two wine glasses 😦 ) was broken.thumb_DSC_0243_1024

So if you are planning on hosting a party, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare your house.

Is it carpet central? Do you want to be hoovering it on a hangover and worry all night that beer and red wine being spilt spilled all over? No? Thought so.collages Continue reading “12 steps to have a successful House Party”


Have a bath tonight

You have to – it’s international Bathtub day – what a great excuse to shut everything (and everyone!) off and spend a couple of hours relaxing in a hot, bubbly bath.Bathtub Day Polina Skrebneva blog

Having a bath at home is a requirement for me – I would not consider living in a property that only has a shower. It’s not only therapeutic and relaxing; having a bath truly restores me when I am suffering from a horrible hangover. Thank god our new house has this amazing bath!

Enjoy your bubbles!

How to transition into your new office job: 8 things you need to know

Starting your first office job might be scary… But don’t worry, everyone makes it out alive!
Here are a couple of tips for you:

1. Prepare yourself for a new routine

Ensure that your  home is organised for a quick ‘getting ready for work’ in the morning; work out the best ways to get to work in advance.
Tomas Ferraro, Sports Editor soccer getting ready tevez multitasking GIF

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